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Aleppo (Arabic: Halab; Greek: Berea), in northern Syria about 30 miles south of Turkey, is the second-largest city in Syria after Damascus with a population of over 1.7 million. It competes with Damascus for the title of the oldest continously inhabited city in the world.


Street in old town


The old section of Aleppo is built around a 12th-century-AD citadel that rests on a partly mound dominating the city and contains a small mosque. The old section has the most famous souks in the Middle East, which extend for miles through narrow streets. Its many khans (caravan stops), mosques, and merchants' houses are built of limestone, with many dating from the 16th and 17th centuries.


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(so the women can get fresh breezes and still be shielded from sight)


Aleppo has a significant Armenian Christian population and there are Greek Orthodox and Catholic churches here as well. The main site of religious interest is the Great Mosque (or Zakariyah Mosque), built by the Umayyads and containing the shrine of Zacharias, the father of John the Baptist. Parts of the city's old stone walls, along with several of their gates, are still intact, and the National Museum displays ancient artifacts found in northern Syria at several major archaeological sites.


Maronite Cathedral 1873-1923


Halab or Aleppo (ancient Beroea), city in northern Syria, capital of Halab Governorate. It lies on a plateau 427 m (1400 ft) high, midway between the Mediterranean Sea and the Euphrates River. The second largest city of Syria, Halab is an agricultural trading center and has factories producing carpets; silk, cotton, and wool textiles; silverware and gold ware; leather goods; and embroidery. Halab consists of an old and a new town; the former is enclosed within a wall dating from medieval times.

Among the most important buildings are the modern citadel, surrounded by a moat and standing on a hill 61 m (200 ft) high, and the Mosque of Zacharias, said to contain the tomb of Saint John the Baptist's father.

Also in Halab are a number of European schools and Christian churches and missions. The University of Halab was founded in 1960.


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The city is connected by rail with Damascus, and with Beirut (Bayrūt), Lebanon, and by caravan route with Iraq and parts of Kurdistān. In the 3rd century AD, Halab became the greatest center of trade between Europe and lands farther east. The history of the city, which was settled by the Hittites before 1000 BC, parallels that of Syria. Population 1,582,930 (1994).






Map of old town Aleppo


View of old town Aleppo from the Citadel

Saint George (?-303), Christian martyr, born in Cappadocia in eastern Asia Minor. His life is obscured by legend, but his martyrdom at Lydda, Palestine, is generally considered a matter of historical fact. It is attested by two early Syrian church inscriptions and by a canon of Pope Gelasius I, dated 494, in which Saint George is mentioned as one whose name was held in reverence. The most popular of the legends that have grown up around him relates his encounter with the dragon, a story that may have been influenced by the Greek myth of Perseus and Andromeda. A pagan town in Libya was victimized by a dragon (representing the devil), which the inhabitants first attempted to placate by offerings of sheep and then by the sacrifice of various members of their community. The daughter of the king (representing the church) was chosen by lot and was taken out to await the coming of the monster, but George arrived, killed the dragon, and converted the community to Christianity. In 1222 the Council of Oxford ordered that the feast of Saint George, on April 23, be celebrated as a national festival, and in the 14th century he became the patron saint of England and of the Order of the Garter.

The tomb of St. George









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