Nile Valley


Menyeberang sungai Nile di kuburan Thebes


Masuk ke kuburan


All along the Nile on both sides, everything is green, and the farmlands are fertile. But at a certain point the desert suddenly begins. It is not a gradual change, but is very abrupt. On one of the roads we traveled on, the one side was lush and green, and the other side was dry and completely barren. Also, the land rises as it moves away from the vegetated area.


Transportation is by trains on the banks


Modern tourist river cruise boat


We were taken to a restaurant along the Nile River for lunch. Even as Moses used blood to change and soften the heart of the Pharaoh, may the blood of Christ wash clean the soiled souls of this land and all lands. I also prayed for the healing of this river, which is so polluted that we have been warned not to even touch the water because there are some diseases which can come right through the skin from this water.


Mendekati Luxor


Floating Pump Station


Mendekati Kom Ombo


Future "strip mall" in Kom Ombo, more tourists required

We visited the tomb of a noble, which was much less grand than the tombs of the kings. On the way to this tomb we passed by some homes with paintings on the front of them. Our guide pointed out that it is the goal of every Moslem to make a pilgrimage to Mecca at least once in his life. Some who made the journey have told the story of their pilgrimage in paint on the front of their houses.

Cruising to Quena


A short drive then brought us to the ruins of a temple which I think is named the Rameseum Temple. The first thing we noticed upon entering the area were mud and straw bricks. These are the original bricks made thousands of years ago, the same way the Israelites made bricks as slaves in Egypt during the time of Moses. We were told that the buildings around the temple used for storage or to house the people were made of mud brick because they were not intended to last very long. The temple itself, however, was made of stone so that it would last forever.


Sumur bergerigi


Teori sumur bergerigi





Approaching the old Esna locks, which are no longer used to raise or lower ship traffic


Going through the old lock


The old dam


The closed highway


Approaching the new lock, ship heading south being raised in the lock


Going through the lock at night










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