VINCENT SECAPRAMANA is my name and my beloved wife is VERINA HALIM. Our marriage life becomes more complete with the presence of our sweethearts: JETHRO, MILKA, and DEBRA.

I was born in Solo (Central Java Province, 60 km from Jogjakarta), on Sunday morning, June 16,1957.

One of my good fortune is that my name is registered in Jogjakarta Sultan Kingdom as the 12th descendent of Bandara Raden Ayu Yudanegara, who was one of the top official of Mataram Empire. Hence, I and my family have the access to use the title 'Raden'. This enable me to have definite Family Tree for the last 12 generations.

Besides being the mother of our children, my wife is a Psychologist and she is a faculty member at one of the private University in Surabaya. She earned her degree in Psychology from the University of Indonesia in Jakarta. My wife is a member of Vocational Service of Rotary Club (Surabaya Central), in addition to her other social activities since 1990.

I was graduated from the University of Indonesia, majoring in Civil Engineering. Like myself, my wife also graduated from the Master Program of Management of Airlangga University in Surabaya, specializing in Finance and Marketing. And recently, she was graduated from the Doctor Degree there.

Although we are busy with our professions, we still spend enough time with Jethro, Milka, and Debra. We bring them to various activities such as swimming, playing piano, learning computer, studying English and Arithmetic. And as a Catholic family we also take them to Sunday School to socialize with their friends. We are introducing them how Jesus loves people.

There is a precious motto for our way of life:  Love is patient and kind. It is not jealous or conceit or proud. Love never gives up, and its faith, hope, and patient never fail. 

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