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West Monterrey view of the city at dusk

Monterrey is the capital city of the northeastern state of Nuevo León in the country of Mexico


Cerro de La Silla at Night


Monterrey seen from Cerro de la Silla at morning

The city is anchor to the third-largest metropolitan area in Mexico and is ranked as the ninth-largest city in the nation


Metropolitan Cathedral of Our Lady of Monterrey


Cathedral Tower


Inside Main Cathedral


Inside cathedral with mama Iliana Garza


Barragan Sculpture on Macro Plaza


The Fuente de la Vida along the Macro Plaza


Fountain in Macro Plaza with papa Luis Carlos Salcido


Governor office


Debra juga diajak ke Kantor Gubernur yang tidak jauh dari taman itu. Kemudian Debra diajak ke rumah kakek alias papa dari mama, mereka kumpul di rumah si kakek untuk mengenang kepergian kakeknya mama. Mereka keluarga yang sangat ramah dan ramai, mengasyikkan berada di keliling mereka.


La Basilica de la Purísima Concepcion - commonly known as 'La Purisima'


Interior la Purísima Concepcion


La Basilica de Guadalupe


Inside La Basilica de Guadalupe


Hospital de Seguro Social


Templo de San Luis Gonzaga is on Avienda Hidalgo near Cuauhtemoc in downtown Monterrey


Inside Templo de San Luis Gonzaga


With mama Iliana on Avienda Hidalgo near Cuauhtemoc


Plaza Morelos


At Plaza Morelos with mama Iliana


Galeria plaza in Monterrey


Obispado de Monterrey


Originally built in 1887, this building was the Palacio de Municipal of Monterrey up until 1974, when it was used for the Superior Court of Justice. In 1995 it was renovated to become one of the premier museums in Mexico.


A famous landmark along the market at Morelos

Upstairs is apparently a nightclub. Down below is a very popular restaurant which is called Las Monjas and the waitress staff are dressed up like nuns. The food was great too.


The settlement of the new world did not stop at Ellis Island. Although poor Irish and Italians coming into America could only venture as far as their feet could take them, Germans and other more-affluent settlers settled much, much deeper into the new world. Many settled into Texas and Northern Mexico with some eventually going as far south as Central and South America. It should be therefore be of no surprise to see Mexicans with very distinct Anglo and German traits. The northern city of Monterrey, Nuevo Leon (Mexico) has until today many blue-eyed blondes with German sir names. German and Czechs brought their accordions, but Tejanos and Mexicans perfected its use!



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